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UMSL Conference Thanks

Just wanted to say thanks to all the people at UMSL, and those who came to the UMSL conference. I had a great time, and met some really intelligent and cool people. If any of you out there are reading this: you should submit your papers. I’ll put them up and see if we can’t drum up some discussion.

Also, for those of you who had criticisms of my paper, it’s posted right there a little ways down the page. Feel free to rip me to shreds in the comments! I will do my best to convince you.


An Administrative Note

I’ve been thinking for a while about how this blog will handle anonymous posts/comments. The conclusion I have come to is this: the expectation on this blog is that you sign your comments with your real name. This especially goes for those of us who choose to comment on paper submissions. The point of this blog is interaction with other philosophy students interested in philosophy of mind, and if some of us are hiding behind aliases, that really tends to skew the sorts of interactions we have toward the lowest common internet¬†denominator.

Now, if for some reason I post on a topic that requires anonymity for some reason, that’s fine. However, from here on it is unlikely that I will approve many unsigned comments. I apologize if this is inconvenient for some of you out there, but you can always create a separate account to post from so that your less savory internet¬†activities¬†are not tied back to your name.


The transition from the old (relatively speaking) blogger version of this blog is complete. I hope you all find the new look refreshing.