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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Philosophy Joke of the Week VII

Not so much a joke, but rather an amusing fact: Kant never lost a dance competition.


Philosophy Joke of the Week VI

I sincerely apologize for the lack of substantial updates lately, but unfortunately it’s getting to be finals time for me, and that means I have less time to devote to the blog. Regardless, I’m going to do my best to keep my promise of writing a philosophy joke every week. So, here’s this week’s:

How can you tell if someone is a philosopher? Within five minutes of meeting them, they’ll tell you.

It’s a variation off of a lot of other similar jokes, but alas, it’s all I have for you right now.

Philosophy Joke of the Week V

What do you call a bunch of philosophers all sitting in one room? An unemployment office.

It’s sad, but true, I know. Don’t want depressing current-state-of-the-economy based jokes? Submit your own joke!

UMSL Conference Thanks

Just wanted to say thanks to all the people at UMSL, and those who came to the UMSL conference. I had a great time, and met some really intelligent and cool people. If any of you out there are reading this: you should submit your papers. I’ll put them up and see if we can’t drum up some discussion.

Also, for those of you who had criticisms of my paper, it’s posted right there a little ways down the page. Feel free to rip me to shreds in the comments! I will do my best to convince you.

Philosophy Joke of the Week IV

What do you get when you cross Socrates with an east coast rapper? A Socratic Method Man.

I sincerely apologize for that joke. Don’t want to see more of this horrible perversion of humor? Submit your original philosophy jokes!

The Paper I’m Presenting at UMSL This Coming Sunday

This coming Sunday (April 10th), I’m presenting at the UMSL Philosopher’s Forum on philosophy of mind. Specifically, I’m presenting my response to Donald Davidson’s “Knowing One’s Own Mind.” While I’m not 100% done tweaking the paper for presentation, I do have a nearly complete working draft I’d like to share with everyone to see if I can get any feedback before presenting at the conference. Paper after the jump.

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